A sci-fi thriller for people who don't read thrillers. And for those who do.


"... a work of descriptive art, with a sense of futuristic realism. I was riveted, page after wonderful page." - Thomas M. Cirignano, 67 Cents: Creation of a Killer

"... A union of art and science in this thriller ... marvelous characters amidst an age of nanotechnological advancement. Harry Steinman rips today's discoveries from the laboratory and into an emotion-laden thriller with the promise - and peril - of this emerging science." - L. R. Drennan-Harris, Ph.D. Analytical Chemist

"... Little Deadly Things introduces the brilliant but psychotic Eva Rozen, a Boston scientist tormented by both her past and her present. Her mystery and madness propel the reader, revealing surprises at every turn." - Deborah Swiss, The Tin Ticket

"Honestly, I never thought I'd cry reading a futuristic thriller. As a matter of fact, I wasn't even sure I would like a futuristic thriller, and I loved it. The personification of evil as portrayed by Eva Rozen versus the personification of goodness as portrayed by the character, Marta, stand as extremely contrasting bookends to all the characters in between." - Melody Urso, Early Reader, Dunedin FL.

"It drew me right in. To me, it's a mix of science fiction, mystery, suspense. Basically, you need to keep turning the page to find out what happens next." - Brian Geery, Early Reader, Boston MA.

"If you like techno-thrillers, this is for you." - Jeremy Landau, Early Reader, New Mexico

"To me, this book is a wonderful work of art ... a fabulous piece of dramatic fiction. Ultimately it's about the lives of three people, and how they intersect through love and obsession. But more importantly, this is a book about us, and how the things that happen to us as children, have a profound and abiding effect on our lives as adults - and how we affect the future generation." - Jody S., Boston MA

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Little Deadly Things by Harry Steinman

Little Deadly Things

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